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Char-Broiler, Electric, counter model, 12" wide, recessed heating elements w/individual manual control, Grease-Flo drainage system w/raised rib design grate, s/s front and sides, 4" s/s legs, 3 kw, UL, NSF, cUL

12w x 24d x19h

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E24 Electric Char Broiler Overview

Operational Safety
Because EmberGlo’s heating elements are recessed into the bottom of the grate, they are protected from fats and corrosive juices. As a result, they last 100% longer than elements on many competitive units. At the same time, the recessed design absolutely prevents the danger of flare-up.

Model E2412

More Usable Grill Space
EmberGlo features an unsurpassed 655 square inches (net), usable grill space for the 36" model. The completely flexible 36" unit, for example, has three 12"grate modules and three separate temperature controls (ideal for different thickness of steaks, burgers, etc.). You can operate one 12" section during slack periods and turn on the other sections as you need them during lunch or dinner hours.

Broiling is FastPrepare a perfectly branded hamburger in 4 minutes or charbroil an 8 ounce refrigerated strip sirloin in as little as 7 minutes! Compare this to any competitive 36" model, and you’ll see why EmberGlo offers more production capacity in the same amount of floor space.

Save on Energy
Each 12" EmberGlo broiling module uses 3 KW of electricity (208 or 240 VAC, single) subsequently, the 36" EmberGlo electric broiler requires only a 9 KW of electricity at supply between 208 VAC thru 440 VAC.

Any food service operation, no matter what size, can install a dependable and profitable charbroiling system in an area as small as 12" wide. Yet the same basic system can be expanded to fit a space of ten or more feet wide for larger restaurants, and chain operations which demand extraordinary cooking capacity.

Whether you want to increase your broiling in a big way or just add a little variety to your menu, the E24 Series Electric Broiler from EmberGlo will compliment your operation.

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