Carpigiani KW-50 Whip Cream Topping Dispenser





Whipped Topping Dispenser, counter model, 2 qt. tank capacity, air-cooled, thermostat control, pump type, steel base construction, 115v/60/1-ph, 15 amps, 8 ft. cord, NSF, cUL, UL (contact factory for price)

This unit will cut your whipped topping costs by up to 40%. The KW-50 produces up to 30 gallons of finished product per hour. Either unit is compact, self-contained and ready to work — all you have to do is place it on your counter and plug it in. Product is refrigerated until dispensed.

Features Include: • Works with heavy cream and many vegetable-based products
• Flavor flexible – use vanilla, chocolate, rum, etc., sweetener or color
• Finished product holds peak for a minimum of 24 hours under refrigeration
• Portable, self-contained; requires NO GAS PROPELLANT or plumbing hook-ups
• Mix tank has continuous refrigeration, dispensing nozzle is chilled
• Easy to clean, can be sanitized in minutes
• Push button operation
• Yields – up to 5 to 1


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