Blast Freezer Chiller Traulsen RBC100

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Refrigerator, Blast Chiller, 100 lb. capacity, reach-in design, with self-contained refrigeration system, stainless steel interior and exterior

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The industry’s most versatile blast chiller.  Aids food safety, reduces waste, increases productivity
Blast ChillersFoodborne illness is a much bigger problem than many believe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 76 million people in this country become ill every year from pathogens in food. Some 5,000 people die.

The most common cause of foodborne illnesses is bacteria. Improper cooling of food has repeatedly been cited as one of the leading causes of bacteria growth, leading directly to foodborne illness.

That’s why foodservice operations need blast chillers.

Blast chillers are specifically designed to take food safely through the Danger Zone, from 135º F to below 41º F, in approximately 90 minutes, when they can be safely stored.

Traulsen blast chillers are an essential part of a comprehensive food safety program. The fact that they add greatly to your operation’s productivity can be viewed as an extra bonus.

Traulsen’s Technological Advantages

If you think a blast chiller is a blast chiller, then you need to look at the unique technological advantages of Traulsen. We offer features simply not available on any other blast chiller, advantages that could make the difference between safe food and unsafe.

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