Antique Vintage Old Cash Register Brass National TA317B

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Model TA317B

The Model TA317B has a ticket type printer on the right side of the register.  This printer was used where there was more than one clerk or barber.  For example, each barber would have a different color ticket where it would print the amount on, and at the end of the day they could divvy up the tickets to determine how much each barber made.  This register was shipped in 1912.  This register is also available in nickel plate.

 $2,600.00 with customized glass sign

$2,400.00 with "Amount Purchased" brass sign

 At any given time, Tamirson as a working inventory of over 100 cash registers.  However, since our product is an antique, our inventory is subject to what we can locate and purchase, and therefore constantly changing.  We attempt to keep a good selection of 100% restored (you would think they are brand new) cash registers in stock and ready for sale, but since customer restoration work and parts sales take first priority, our inventory of restored machines is sometimes quite meager.  If a particular type or style of register has piqued your interest, but you don’t see it displayed, please contact us and we will make every effort to locate "just the right register for you."We At Tamirson takes great pride in the restored antique cash registers offered here for sale.     All cash registers are completely restored.  Should you have any questions, or wish to see other views of these cash registers, do not hesitate to contact us at.  

Antique Vintage Old Cash Register
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Antiques are collected for many different reasons: beauty, uniqueness, investment, or simply for usefulness.  The multitude of styles and sizes of brass cash registers affords the collector each of these purposes.  A fancy brass cash register will provide a functional addition to the decor of any business.  It will grace the appearance of any room in a home and provides a great site to store jewelry or loose change.  As an investment, antique cash registers only appreciate in value.


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