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41187 Maturmeat® is the only maturation cabinet guaranteed, patented and manufactured 100% in Italy that reproduces a series of microclimates ideal for the traditional maturation of meat (dry aged). In as little as eleven days our system allows you to transform your meat into tender, juicy steaks, safely. Maturmeat® is equipped with an industrial refrigeration system (not monoblock). Thanks to the patented Fumotic® system, it ensures the production and management of humidity used to reduce the weight loss of the meat. In addition, since the user can smoke/avor the product at low temperatures, without any combustion, it safely keeps the organoleptic properties of the meat unchanged. Maturmeat®, unlike wet aging, where the meat from its vacuum-sealed bag must be consumed immediate after opening, allows you to hang, store and consume meat in a longer period of time without similar risks. The unit is equipped with an advanced touch screen controller, that automatically manages the temperature, humidity, air speed, pH monitoring, smoke/avoring for the duration of the recipe. The Climatouch® controller, built into Maturmeat®, allows you to quickly start your next recipe, monitor recipe values, create and save new recipes, calibrate the optional pH probe and review HACCP data. These features and more make Maturmeat® one of a kind.

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Maturmeat® 200 kg

  • Up to 200kg of dry aged meat in as little as 11 days
  • Specialized for aging, drying, flavouring for many types of meat and for all who want to specialize in the production of prime quality meat
  • ClimaTouch®, a management and control system, 6” colour touch-screen interface for automatic control of aging, drying, flavouring. It can be equipped with a probe (optional) for pH measurement
  • Internal memory available in 352kb RAM for approx. 100 recipes, included are 5 preset recipes
  • Comes with automatic internal lighting, height adjustable legs & industrial refrigeration unit (No mono-block), dehumidifier, optional air exchange, heated frame, hot gas defrost, 5+5 stainless steel AISI304 guides sets, 5+5 stainless steel AISI 304 racks, 2 stainless steel AISI 304 door with 2 large glazed glass
  • Equipped with Fumotic system for humidification and flavouring with dual tank (water and aroma) and level alarm system
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DESCRIPTION Maturmeat® 200kg cabinet with ClimaTouch® and Fumotic®
INTERIOR 10 Guide sets/ 10 stainless steel shelves
TEMPERATURE& HUMIDITY -3°C/ 35°C (26.6°F/95°F), U.R. 30% AL 99%
ELECTRICAL 220V/4.14kW/18A
INTERNAL MEMORY 352 Kb Ram (approx.100 recipes)
NET WEIGHT 250 kg (551.2 lbs)
GROSS WEIGHT 376 kg (829 lbs)
DIMENSIONS (WDH) 31” x 58” x 83” / 785 x 1465 x 2115 mm

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