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Breading And Batter Table

Breading & Batter Table, canted food box over shelf for chicken, stainless steel batter pan with a spring-loaded, hinged basket, breading container, manual sifter over plastic food pan, stainless steel...

Donut Fryer Gas Floor Model 24x34 fry area Belshaw Adamatic 734CG-120V-NG

  (21277) Donut Fryer, natural gas, floor model, 215 lb. shortening capacity, electronic ignition, 24" x 34" fry area, exterior drain valve, (2) frying screens with bolt-on handles, stainless steel...

Donut Robot Mark II Fryer GP Production System automatic Electric

BELSHAW (21638) Donut Robot® Mark II Production System, automatic, electric, (153) mini-donuts dozen per hour, 35 lb. oil capacity, 3" conveyor spacing, frying time & temperature adjustment, includes automatic fryer,...

Electric Counter Top Donut Fryer

(8848011) Donut Fryer, electric, countertop, 16" x 16", 55 lb. shortening capacity, cover & drain tray, (2)  frying screens w/handles nickel-plated steel, removable kettle, tilt-up element, high-temperature limit switch, stainless...

Fryer 75 lbs Floor Model Gas

Gas Fryer   CookRite Heavy Duty Fryer, gas, floor model, 75 lb. capacity, (5) burners, standby pilots, 200°F- 400°F temperature range, self-reset high temperature limiting device, oil cooling zone seated in...

Pre Owned Ventless Fryer Ventless Hood Auto Fry

Ventless Fryer & Ventless Hood Set great condition Owner cant fry it in his current location do to exclusive lease rights to other Tenant   CALL FOR PRICE  

Ventless Combo Fryer and Griddle Pre-Owned Refurbish Wells

Wells - WV-FGRW -  Pre-Owned Refurbish  Ventless Fryer and Griddle  - VCS2000 Ventless Cooktop, electric, (1) Fryer, (1) griddle with thermostatic controls, self-contained hood system, stainless steel construction, RW-26 (2) drawer warmer...

Ventless Counter Top Fryer 2 lb

Ventless Counter Top Fryer No ventilation required. Entierely programmable. Automatic movement of the basket. The new self venting countertop fryers mean no need for expensive hoods and vents (check local...

Ventless Counter Top Fryer 3 lb

Ventless Counter Top Fryer No ventilation required. Entirely programmable. Automatic movement of the basket. The new self-venting countertop fryers mean no need for expensive hoods and vents (check local requirements,...

Ventless Fry Fry Auto Fry Pressure fry Rapid Fry MTI-10X

AUTOFRY® Model MTI-10X / MTI-10 XL No Hoods? No Vents? No Problem!® The Autofry MTI-10X series offers compact design along with high-volume capacity. Up-to 4 lbs of product can be...


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